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2 Realtors for the Price of 1

In this time of unrelenting news cycles, we want to use our energy to put kindness back into the community and restore a sense of togetherness. We went into real estate not only to help community members like you to achieve your homeownership dreams but to also give back to the community through our many philanthropic activities. To us, family and community are two of the most important aspects of daily life and we want to share our time to help grow a strong community one connection at a time. This Mother-son team's mission is to bring a dual-generational approach to serving our clients needs. We utilize the wisdom that comes with age and the technical expertise that the new generation has been brought up with in order to shatter your expectations of what realty reality can be. Through our established roots in the community, we are invested in the long-term success of our neighbors and want to ensure a healthy and interconnected community that we all can be proud of.

We are grateful to have this opportunity to serve you and the community.

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Core Values

1 Accountability

We promise to always do the right thing for all stakeholders.

2 Honest communication

that is easy to understand, digest,

while being candid.

3 Humility

We never forget that we owe

everything to the efforts of each team

member, our families, and our clients.

4 Servant leadership

We are passionate about meeting our

clients' needs, giving back in the

communities we serve, and standing

out as local role models.

5 Connected

Whether it's online or in-person we've

connected to the right streams of

information and local experts to

consistently pursue excellence.

6 Sustainability

We strive to cultivate healthy and

flourishing relationships for life.

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Meet the Family Ready to Help Yours

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